Structural Efficiency Classification System

measuring structural performance towards more efficient designs

There hasn´t been a method to measure the structural efficiency in buildings until now.

tte Technical Director Quisco Mena started this research project as a personal quest more than 10 years ago, but it hasn´t been until he founded think tank engineering that he could focus on its development, as part of the `R&D first` company principle.

The S.E.C.S. calculates the structural efficiency of a building structure by comparing it to its related 'best-to-knowledge´theoretical model, then applies coefficients due to the specific site and layout to obtain the Net Structural Efficiency.

The S.E.C.S. not only provides insights of the structural design, it also informs about the impact of the chosen site in the structural material consumption and more importantly, in the appropriateness of the architectural imprint, efficiency-wise.

For the current test stage, an initial version of the software have been released, having however certain limitations: it applies to residential and offfice projects, without basements or transfers and it does not include seismic loading.

Take part

The initial testing stage would aim to build up a database of real projects in order to assess the methodology and calibrate the efficiency classes acording to the current state of the art and construction trends.

If you are interesting in taking part, tte will assess your structural design for free, if we can incorporate its data to our database. Of course, your contribution will be entirely anonymously.